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Data Monetisation Trial with US Operator
Thumb Cellular launches Data Monetisation Trial
Case Study - Fast Time to Market, Fast Time to Revenue
Learn how one customer increased mobile data revenues by 90% using Tango Telecom's Data Monetisation Suite.
  • “The flexibility and service velocity offered by Tango Telecom’s Policy Controller has allowed us to launch in exceAxiata Ltd Logoss of 400 data plans in response to our subscribers’ increasing appetite for data services.  We have increased our data revenues and our average data usage per subscriber."... Read More

    A.K.M Morshed, CTO
    Robi Axiata Ltd
  • “We selected Tango Telecom’s Anti-SPAM solution because they provide the most comprehensive solution with the widest variety of features and the highest levels of performance and flexibility. We want to ensure our subscribers that our network provides them the protection, security and overall quality of experience they expect from the Beeline brand.”... Read More

    Denis Pustoshilov, Head of NSS and VAS Departments
  • “We selected Tango Telecom’s Policy Controller because they offer the highest levels of features, performance, scalability and flexibility in the market.  They also offer the most extensive range of out-of-box use-cases, ensuring a significant time to market advantage for us.”... Read More

    Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Markets Officer
    Robi Axiata