5G - Maximise, monetise and manage

5G promises many advantages to operators including exciting new revenue streams coupled with the flexibility to quickly respond to a continuously evolving market.

Tango Telecom is rolling out 5G features and capabilities across its entire portfolio including our Policy Control (PCF), Advanced Messaging (SMSF) and Real-time Engagement solutions.  Our 5G solutions enable operators to evolve their value propositions and transition from 4G to 5G environments.  Our portfolio is standards compliant and compatible with all leading current virtualisation platforms, facilitating the smooth and easy evolution of legacy network architectures.

Tango Telecom's Data Retail Engine offers the agility needed to quickly monetise new 5G offers across all verticals and markets, optimising even the most complex business models to ensure every monetisation opportunity is maximised.


New services, new use cases, new opportunities


Fast, open, smart and agile

The Tango DRE ™ is an end-to-end monetisation platform, delivering 5G readiness and powering the digital transformation of networks. 

  • Real-time and dynamic policy (PCF) to support all 5G use cases including enhanced mobile broadband, enterprise services, IoT, connected vehicles, healthcare and mission critical manufacturing services.
  • Support for existing 4G features enabling a hybrid 4G/5G PCRF/PCF solution as required.
  • Dynamic charging - variable charging for latency, availability, bandwidth, etc.
  • Flexibility to support new business models for a large partner ecosystem.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning to enable better policy and charging decisions including support for dynamic Quality of Service and network slice optimisation.
  • Targeted and contextual offers across multiple channels to support innovative and complex new business models.Expanded targeting capabilities based in location, time, behaviour and much more.
  • SMS continues to be an important use case in the 5G world, enhance your messaging services with our standards-compliant SMSF.
  • Multitenant, virtualised, cloud-native, microservices-based solution offering flexible deployment models across public, private and hybrid clouds.