Capex And Opex Reduction

Operators are faced with the huge growth of both voice and data traffic which requires continuous investment in their network infrastructure. While the volume of mobile data and capital investment to support this growth is on the rise, operators' revenues are growing at a much slower rate.  Facing this pressure, operators need to quickly innovate with new services and cut both their OPEX and CAPEX.

Today, CAPEX investment represents 20%—30% of total cost of ownership for operators and this crucial cost function directly affects 70%—80% of the OPEX. Whilst new services and higher value services like data continue to drive growth in mobile service revenues, operators need to take a hard look at how to control their costs and maximise the revenues they get from their existing network infrastructure.

Using our CAPEX & OPEX Reduction Solution portfolio , you can ensure that you are sweating existing assets and generating a greater return on your investment.

  • Exploit existing network asset investments
  • Reduce the need to invest in additional signalling resources for services (such as self-care using IVR)
  • Streamline OPEX by using the latest developments in technologies and benefiting from billing transformation strategies such as Convergent Charging
  • Control costs and find ways of growing revenues in order to maximise profitability

Our solutions are fully virtualised and cloud-available globally, enabling operators to benefit today from the many advantages of network functions virtualisation (NFV). 

Our portfolio of CAPEX and OPEX Reduction Solutions

  • Policy Control and Charging- Maximise mobile data revenues while increasing your subscriber loyalty
  • Dynamic Pricing Service - Reverse your churn rates in a matter of weeks through real-time precision marketing and discounting at optimum times and locations
  • Cloud Services -Our unique architecture, already highly scalable, modular and distributable, is now fully virtualised, offering public, private and hybrid cloud deployment options
  • USSD Gateway with Service Creation Environment - Roll out innovative, interactive, value-added services such as customer self-care, mobile banking and payments and mobile advertising
  • Real-time Convergent Charging - Remove billing limitations and provide any service to any subscriber without discrete charging silos, resulting in faster billing at a lower cost to the service provider
  • Next Generation SMSC - Ensure the lowest cost per SMS and the most effective use of network resources with our highly available and cost effective incorporating real-time charging and "First Delivery Attempt”
  • “The flexibility and service velocity offered by Tango Telecom’s Policy Controller has allowed us to launch in exceAxiata Ltd Logoss of 400 data plans in response to our subscribers’ increasing appetite for data services.  We have increased our data revenues and our average data usage per subscriber."... Read More

    A.K.M Morshed, CTO
    Robi Axiata Ltd
  • “We selected Tango Telecom’s Anti-SPAM solution because they provide the most comprehensive solution with the widest variety of features and the highest levels of performance and flexibility. We want to ensure our subscribers that our network provides them the protection, security and overall quality of experience they expect from the Beeline brand.”... Read More

    Denis Pustoshilov, Head of NSS and VAS Departments
  • “We selected Tango Telecom’s Policy Controller because they offer the highest levels of features, performance, scalability and flexibility in the market.  They also offer the most extensive range of out-of-box use-cases, ensuring a significant time to market advantage for us.”... Read More

    Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Markets Officer
    Robi Axiata