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    Real-time relevant offers with real-time results

Tango DRE

Making Data Pay




The Tango Telecom Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™ is the most comprehensive real-time digital monetisation platform in the marketplace, enabling operators to explore and exploit new business models, new markets and new monetisation opportunities.







Always on, always available, always connected

From a single platform, the Tango DRE enables mobile operators to:

  • greatly improve their service portfolio
  • quickly generate entirely new revenue streams
  • easily roll out new engagement opportunities
  • successfully monetise data traffic across all markets including subscriber, enterprise, IoT, connected car, connected home, smart cities, utilities, health and much more
  • always outmanoeuvre the competition

Our solution allows operators to design, test and launch new services, plans and promotions faster than any competitive solution in the marketplace today.


Maximising your subscriber's lifetime value

  • Real-time data monetisation with proven scalability, performance and flexibility for rapidly evolving business needs
  • Accelerated time to market for new products and services – create, launch and monetise new plans and services in MINUTES not months
  • Provide on-device self-care to enable subscribers to view, purchase and manage their digital experience on their terms and in real-time
  • Offer an extensive range of revenue generating plans including sponsored data, roaming packages and dynamic discounting
  • Real-time engagement at every touchpoint with advanced data analytics
  • Fully virtualised and cloud-enabled solution for all networks, all services, all subscriber types
  • At the core of the world’s most demanding networks, supporting over 180 live systems serving 1 billion subs in 60+ countries