DRE for Roaming Monetisation

Monetise data roaming with 
real-time transparency, control, and innovation

Over 60% of roamers do not turn on data services because they do not understand data roaming charges and are concerned about bill shock.  Most of this potential roaming revenue is lost to lower quality non-mobile access providers (hotels, WiFi, etc.) and to local SIM providers in the visited country.  Tango Telecom's Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™, offers mobile operators and GRX/IPX vendors a range of proven solutions designed to increase data roaming traffic and revenues for all subscribers including prepaid and all network types including LTE. 

The Tango DRE can enable operators to untap lucrative revenues with highly innovative offerings including silent roamer campaigns, sponsored data roaming, corporate roaming solutions and local breakout.

Bill shock prevention

The Tango DRE integrates policy control and real-time charging with on-device self-care to offer a comprehensive Bill Shock Prevention solution for mobile operators. The solution allows operators to monitor, manage and monetise a personalised roaming experience for their subscribers.  The Bill Shock Prevention solution enables operators and their subscribers to set spending and usage thresholds and limits and provides options for implementing prevention measures once these thresholds and limits are reached.  These measures include real-time notifications, reduced QoS, throttling and increased roaming limits.  By removing the threat of bill shock with real-time control and usage visibility, operators will maximise the revenue potential from their roamers.

Silent roamer campaigns

Silent Roamer Campaigns are a key use case of the Tango DRE, offering mobile operators the ability to identify and encourage silent roamers to use  data with attractive and well-timed roaming plans and promotions, all in real-time.  The solution includes advanced features such as black and white-listing, black-out periods and control over number of messages received by any individual subscriber.

Real-time data roaming plans

The Tango DRE enables mobile operators to stimulate and monetise the demand for roaming services quickly with highly innovative real-time roaming plans and campaigns including silent roamer campaigns and sponsored roaming data access. 

  • Offer flexible real-time data roaming plans based on time (1 hour, 30 days), volume (unlimited, 10GB), location (all of North America, London), application (Facebook Roaming Access) - all available for immediate on-device purchase and real-time activation
  • Protect roaming revenues from SIM-swapping and WiFi usage
  • Give roamers choice and control with easy on-device purchasing, self-care and real-time usage tracking
  • Enable advanced PCC features such as throttling, reduced QoS, etc.

Local breakout

By deploying Tango Telecom’s Local Breakout Solution, visited mobile operators can convince roamers who typically switch off data roaming before departing on their home network, to switch on and use data services on their networks.  In many cases, the inbound roamers are relatively high ARPU subscribers. Mobile operators will benefit not only from the increased revenues from data usage but also from the additional voice and SMS revenues generated by these roamers. 

Tango Telecom's Local Breakout Solution is a key use case of the Tango DRE and enables operating groups to improve their subscribers' overall quality of experience while roaming by reducing back haul traffic and its associated costs.  The solution allows group operators to offer a competitive "one network roaming package" to their outbound roamers.