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Tango Telecom's Response to COVID-19

I am writing to update you on how Tango Telecom is responding to the challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and our customers as well as ensuring we continue to deliver our products, services and comprehensive support without interruption during this challenging time.

The health and safety of our employees, our customers, our partners and their families continue to be our top priority.  We are strictly following the guidelines from local, national and international health authorities and monitoring developments daily.

We have already taken a range of internal steps to ensure that the Coronavirus outbreak will not impact our ability to provide our products, services and support to all of our customers and partners.  We have comprehensive business continuity plans in place to ensure that we are prepared for all scenarios.  Many of our employees already work remotely with proven collaboration tools and resources in place to support them. 

We expect that communication, collaboration and support will continue without interruption.  We have alternative networking and collaboration solutions to ensure projects, support and other processes can continue while avoiding non-essential face-to-face meetings.  

We are confident in our ability to respond quickly to further developments as they unfold and please be assured that we are working intensively to ensure that our services remain unaffected during this time.   If you have any questions or concerns about our ongoing business continuity arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us through your normal account management or support contacts. 

With very best wishes from the Tango Telecom team and with thanks for your continued support.


Dr. Colm Ward

Tango Telecom Ltd.

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