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Our platform

Our solutions are built on the widely deployed carrier-grade Tango Telecom iAXC platform, which provides advanced mobile services to 100s of millions of subscribers worldwide.  The platform supports very cost effective N+M redundancy options across a wide variety of industry standard NEBS compliant computing platforms, and is scalable from 10’s of transactions per second to 10’s of thousands of transactions per second.

  • Extensible services platform - general purpose platform for delivering enhanced mobile services. New and enhanced services can easily be deployed to existing installations, reducing cost and time to market for new services while maximising return on initial investment.
  • Cost‐effective - distributed solution that offers cost‐effective availability and scalability.
  • Standards‐based - supports standard network architectures and interfaces and provides a range of drop‐in solutions.
  • Global customer base - including very high capacity, mission-critical applications with Tier 1 operators supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers.
  • Fully virtualised and cloud-available globally - enabling operators to benefit now from the many advantages of network functions virtualisation (NFV)

Agile, flexible, scalable

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) increases service agility and provides significant cost reductions with both immediate and long-term benefits for mobile operators. NFV will transform networks not just evolve them: NFV will make technology an enabler of service innovation and velocity.

As NFV technology is most effective on the data plane, Tango Telecom's Data Retail Engine (Tango DRE™) including its Data Subscription/Plan Management and Policy Control/PCRF solutions are ideally positioned to reap the profits of migration to an NFV environment.

Tango Telecom leads the market with NFV ready Data Monetisation solutions providing key benefits to operators.








iAX™ Platform features

  • All software components have been migrated to the Virtualised Network Function (VNF) model
  • Eliminates box-by-box configuration by allowing full control of the software via the Management & Orchestration function (MANO).
  • Enables seamless integration with any Element Management System (EMS) by supporting configuration extraction via a standard and open API toolkit
  • Supports dynamic capacity scaling through manual and automatic instantiation and de-instantiation, by exposing key performance metrics to the EMS and MANO
  • ​Supports standard ETSI NFV architecture with full data network virtualisation & service orchestration 
  • Hypervisor agnostic including support for leading NFV hypervisors
  • Delivers exceptional performance with several proven field deployments of its virtualised Policy, Data Roaming and Dynamic Pricing solutions

Cloud-based deployments

Tango Telecom has specifically developed and designed its solutions for virtualisation and cloud deployment.  Tango Telecom’s solutions are available to all operators regardless of size or location and leverage Tango Telecom’s proven technology and expertise in the mobile market.  While traditional deployment options may be cost-prohibitive and inflexible, cloud-based deployments ensure that mobile operators have access to the latest functionality and features as demanded by their ever-more discerning subscriber base.

Along with a complete portfolio of cloud-based services, Tango Telecom provides unrivalled management, control and reporting services in real-time in a highly cost effective manner - realising large OPEX savings for operators.  Combined with a SaaS commercial model, our Cloud Services provide the ultimate competitive edge for service providers.

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