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    Real-time digital monetisation

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    Real-time Monetisation

Monetisation in minutes

We believe that truly effective policy control requires integration with real-time charging, self-care, payment methods and  notification strategies to implement a 'Dynamic Marketplace' and deliver the ultimate personalised subscriber experience.

Tango Telecom's Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™ combines Policy Control and Real-time Charging with subscription management, data plan creation, campaign management and on-device self-care to monetise every aspect of the subscriber experience.

As operators continue to come under pressure to increase mobile data revenues while struggling with inflexible and ineffective policy control platforms, the Tango DRE provides an ideal solution. Driven by a highly intuitive user interface, our solution enables operators to monetise their data traffic faster than any competitive solution in the marketplace today.

5G readiness - fast, open, smart and agile

The Tango DRE ™ is an end-to-end monetisation platform, delivering 5G readiness and powering the digital transformation of networks. 

  • Real-time and dynamic policy (PCF) to support all 5G use cases including enhanced mobile broadband, enterprise services, IoT, connected vehicles, healthcare and mission critical manufacturing services.
  • Support for existing 4G features enabling a hybrid 4G/5G PCRF/PCF solution as required.
  • Dynamic charging - variable charging for latency, availability, bandwidth, etc.
  • Flexibility to support new business models for a large partner ecosystem.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning to enable better policy and charging decisions including support for dynamic Quality of Service and network slice optimisation.
  • Targeted and contextual offers across multiple channels to support innovative and complex new business models.Expanded targeting capabilities based in location, time, behaviour and much more.
  • SMS continues to be an important use case in the 5G world, enhance your messaging services with our standards-compliant SMSF.
  • Multitenant, virtualised, cloud-native, microservices-based solution offering flexible deployment models across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Innovative data plans launched direct to device
for immediate purchase and real-time activation

  • Fair Usage
  • Bill Shock Prevention
  • Bandwidth on demand / Turbo Boost
  • Shared Data Plans
  • Data Roaming
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Passes
  • Add on Management
  • Dynamic QoS Control
  • Tiered Service Level Plans
  • Dynamic Discounting for Data
  • Sponsored Data